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August 15, 2014: This site was originally hosted by GameSpy under the StrategyPlanet division and as a subsite of the RCTUK site. That was back in the early days of the internet (think: dial up modem at 1200 baud) and the early days of RCT. That server had been locked for several years and has finally been taken completely offline. The good news is that this site is now hosted by an RCT fan(atic)! Even better news is that there is still activity in the community for making enhancements to and reproductions of the game.

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The popular simulation games RollercoasterTycoon® 1, 2 and 3 were written (and copyrighted) by Chris Sawyer and/or Frontier and distributed by Atari (..Infogrames..Hasbro Interactive..Microprose). The purpose of this site is to compile technical information about the game which has been determined by its fans. The goal is to promote the creation of enhancements and additions to the game. Under no circumstances should this information, or any of the utility programs, be used in a manner which would interfere with the commercial activities of the game's creators or distributor.


There are some residuals from old projects...check the Beta Versions Page for what's available.


OpenRCT2 : Open source project to recreate (and then expand) RCT2

FreeRCT : Open source project to create a RCT1/2 like game (with original graphics)


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TD4 File format

TP4 File format

SV4 File format

SC4 File format

csg1.dat File format

css0.dat File format

css1.dat File format


Object dat File format

TD6 File format

SV6/SC6 File format

Object dat File format





TRK File format

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OVL File format

FWD File format

FWR File format

PRF File format

Peep description file

RLE decode/encode

RCT file CheckSums

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Info about TD4viewer

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Scenario Research Details


Montie's RCT2 Page

Rides to download.

RCT3 Importer

Jonathon Wilson et al's tool for importing custom items into RCT3

Peep Factory

modify the RCT3 park guests as you like. Adjust individual and group parameters


allows you to add objects to an RCT2 saved game. (Sponge Trainer also available)


Lots of downloads.

Buggy's RCT site

Home of the RideMaker utility and many nice custom objects

New Element

Popular site for parkmakers.

RCT Mart

Scenario Gaia

Several custom objects - and a basic tutorial on using the object editor.

RCT2 Object List

If you have additional information or questions, you can contact me (James Hughes) at: