Plugin.dat FILE FORMAT

updated August 30, 2014
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The “plugin.dat” file located in the Data folder contains information on the object files registered for the game. It enables a check to be performed on the object files. It consists of a header followed by a sequence of “DAT file entries.”

00..03 : number of DAT files and a 'one' flag at bit 24
04..07 : total size of all DAT files
08..0B : date modified checksum
0C..0F : total size of all DAT file entries (this file size minus this header size)
10..13 : number of DAT files

Repeat for each dat file:
sixteen bytes which are a copy of the first sixteen bytes (the header) of the dat file for this entry
Name of the dat file as a null terminated ascii string
four bytes (purpose unknown)
Description of dat file as a null terminated ascii string (use a single space character if no description)
ten bytes (pupose unknown)

Date modified checksum:

start with zero in a 4 byte checksum. Then the DAT files are stepped through and for each one, the low and high date modifed values are XOR'd together and then XOR'd with the checksum.