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The pricing of track pieces is based on the length of the piece and the supports. Here are some numbers which are my best estimates:

Cost per linear tile on flat ground:

Wooden: $37.40
Steel: $44.80
StandUp: $49.80
Corkscrew: $52.40
Steel Twister: $59.75

Vertical Loop ~= 7.55 Linear tiles + 37.3 support units
'S' bend ~= 3.505 Linear tiles

Support unit costs (one unit per tile area per height unit above ground):

$3.50 [Mini Golf, Wooden, Wooden Twister, HeartLine]
$3.00 [Mini Railroad, Side Friction, Virginia Reel, Wooden Reverser, Wood Rodent, River Rapids, Mine Train]
$2.50 [Monorail, Suspended Monorail, Cycle Railway, Cycle Monorail, Car Ride, Ghost Train, Log Flume, River Ride, Raft Ride, Boat Hire, Steel Coaster, Stand-Up, Corkscrew, Steel Twister, Suspended, Inverted, Suspended Looping, Suspended Single Rail, Bobsled, Flying, Vertical]
$2.00 [Water Slide, Water Coaster, Jet Skis, Go Karts, Steel Mouse, Inverted Mouse, Steel Mini, Single Rail]
$1.00 [Flat rides]
$0.50 [Chairlift]
$0.00 [Maze, Reverse Whoa Belly, Air Powered, tower rides]