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These are hacked save games dating back to the original version of RollerCoaster Tycoon and the first expansion pack (Corkscrew Follies). They are primarily of historical interest now since trainers have been developed which allow many of the hacks to be done quite easily. Note: These games require the Drexler patch to be used.

Several rides have been placed underground. A pirate ships swings through water and the 'Burger House' really is a house. Be sure to look at the mini golf course from all angles! There's something wierd about the scenery objects there. Go ahead and download: AnotherHack

The original hacked save game. This park demonstrates a few modifications obtained by editing the SV4 file. Download it here: StupidSceneryTricks

Here is the most exotic park available. Numerous hacks and modifications are used. See how wild the game can be...Download: Area51a

This one was tough... two log flume rides are offset in elevation by 1/4 of a height level. This allows them to run in the same space. The result is a "dual log flume", at least in appearance. Dual Log Flume