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RCT2 Object Editor Version 1.23

RCT2 allows you to create custom scenery objects for use in the game. This editor allows you to make:

  • Static Flat Rides (based on: Circus, 3D Cinema, Crooked House)

  • Animated Flat Rides (based on: Twister)

  • Shops

  • Single tile scenery objects [simple, glass, animated, fountains, etc.]

  • Large (multiple tile) scenery objects

  • Walls & Fences

  • Banners

  • Paths

  • Path additions

  • Park Entrances

  • Scenario Descriptions

Over 12,000 lines of code make up this popular program. The latest beta version is 1.22a (adds a skew function to assist in converting images to "isometric". Also allows most of the "flat rides" to be viewed - but not saved; this aspect of the program is still in the early stages.

Water Ride Speed Up

This is a simple utility to add lift chains to the water rides. This makes them move at 5 mph rather than the ususal 1 mph. I will eventually release a version of the Save Game Modifier which has this feature. Until then, you can use this program.

RCT Save Game Modifier Version 3.13

Edit your RCT 1 saved games in a new way! You can design new scenarios, generate random terrain maps, modify the research items, change vehicles, etc, etc, etc! This is not a "trainer" - it works only on saved SV4 and SC4 files. You should keep a copy of your original files in case the edits result in RCT not working properly. It is intended primarily for Loopy Landscapes. You will need the Drexler patch for many of the edits to be usable in RCT.

RCT Explorer 2.00

Updated to work with RCT2; this file management utility is intended primarily for web masters trying to determine which files are usuable with which version of RCT. It displays information about each RCT file (SV4, SV6, TD4, TD6, SC4, SC6) in a selected directory. It allows you to automatically select all files of a particular version of RCT (original, Corkscrew Follies, Loopy Landscapes, or RCT2) and copy them to a specified directory. This program was suggested by the folks at: www.tycoonplanet.com

RCT Graphics Inspector 1.1

A simple utility to view the graphics file (csg1.dat & csg1i.dat) used in RollerCoaster Tycoon. All of the images are viewable within the game so there is not a lot you can gain from viewing them in this program. However, it may give you some appreciation for the complexity that went into RCT! This utility is intended for the Loopy Landscapes expansion only. There is no provision for saving images. (this is version 1.1)

TD4viewer 1.2

This program allows you to display TD4 or RCD track files in a '3D' manner. Either file type can be saved as an RCD file... for use with UltraCoaster! You can finally 'ride' your RCT coasters if you have purchased Ultra Coaster (copyright of Reactor Software). There is some basic background info about the TD4viewer program here.


This program combines the speedup and mirror functions and adds the ability to change vehicle type, ride type and operating mode. It will also load a TP4 image if one exists for the selected ride. If the track is mirrored, a mirrored TP4 will be created. Note: the TP4 image is not modified when vehicle and ride type are edited (that's another project!). The program checks rides for each track piece and height requirements; the list of available rides considers those parameters. The look-up tables contain over 14000 elements so don't be surprised if there's a mistake somewhere - just let me know so I can correct it.


Note: this feature is incorporated into TD4changer. Here is the popular "speed up" program. It modifies a track file to have a high speed powered launch. It works with TD4 files from the original RCT as well as those for AA/CF. The actual speed attained will depend on the length of the train. Here are some examples of modified Track files: Tiny Tim (Vertical), Top Flight (Flying), Steam Dream (Miniature Train), Monopole (Monorail).


Version 2.0 of this utility will create a "mirror image" track from an existing ride. To use it, select the TD4 file you want to modify, use the "mirror" function, and then save the track with a new name It will work for tracks saved with RCT or AA/CF or LL. It also allows the ability to mirror Mazes


This is a limited version of a program I use to inspect and edit RCT files. It is not designed for public release. It is "user hateful", has NO error checking and enables a novice to really muck up their files. It includes automatic decryption of SC4 files. It saves SV4 files for Loopy Landscapes expansion pack as well as the original RCT format and Corkscrew Follies(Added Attractions) Expansion pack. It has support for RCT2 files (SV6 and SC6 and the DAT files). RCT2 game files are divided into chunks. DAT files generate a set of images for viewing when decoded (but the images are not redrawn if the viewer window is overlapped). So many people have asked for something like this that I have decided to place it here. To use it, open a file (or two files if you wish to compare them), click on the Decode button(s). You will then be able to see and edit the hex contents of the file. To edit (the worst part of the program), click on the cell you want to modify. Then type the two hexadecimal characters representing that byte. Then press "enter". Failure to press "enter" will result in a display of the value you just entered but it won't actually be entered in the data structure. [like I said ... it is "user hateful"!] If you edit the contents, you can encode the file by clicking on Encode. The file can then be saved. The files will have the checksum(s) calculated and appended appropriately. In SV4 files, you can jump to a particular peep data structure by entering the Guest number and clicking on the 'Peep #' button. I encourage all hacker wannabees to write their own program that does similar things.

TP4toBMP utility. Someone asked for it and it was easy to do.

RCD Color Tool allows custom colors for UltraCoaster files.