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Last Updated December 13, 2003

Incomplete versions of software under development are available here.

[December 13, 2003] RCT2 Object Editor Test 1.23(d) minor things - includes setting for disabling supports under large objects; allows starting up in German by including "German" or "Deutsch" as a command line parameter.

[October 17, 2003] RCT2 Object Editor Test 1.23(b) has some minor bug fixes. I forgot to post this one a month ago :(

[August 4, 2003] RCT2 Object Editor Test 1.22(a) adds a skew function for single tile images (for making walls/Signs). Allows you to view some flat rides in a limited form - but there is NO provision for saving flat rides.

[June 25, 2003] RCT Explorer Test 2.01(a) This version of RCT explorer displays the first image of an RCT2 dat file. It also reports how many custom objects are in a SV6 file. Note that some dat files need multiple images to be combined to make a proper preview picture. This version does not do that.

[June 26, 2003] RCT2 Graphics Inspector Test 1.00(a) Remember the "useless" utility for RCT? Here is a version for RCT2. Feel like mapping out the thousands of images used in the game? Here is where you start!