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0x000000..000003: map size

0x000004..271003: ten thousand "Sprite" data structures. Each structure is 256 (0x100) bytes long.

271006,7: ? Sprite# of next sprite object to be added. (untested)
271008,9: ? Sprite# of first vehicle sprite (untested)
27100A,B: ? Sprite# of 1st peep sprite (untested)
27100C,D: ? Sprite# of 1st duck/moving text sprite (untested)
27100E,F: ? Sprite# of 1st trash, vomit sprite (untested)
271010,1: Sprite structures available (counts down from 10000)
271012,3: ? Count of vehicles in game (untested)
271014,5: ? Count of peeps in game (untested)
271016,7: ? Count of ducks/moving text (untested)
271018,9: ? Count of trash/vomit (untested)

271024..7: Cash

271028..B: Loan

27148C,D: Number of guests in park

2718F8,9: Park Rating (0..999)

271D38..B: Max Loan

271D40: scenario goal: 1 = #peeps (& park rating), 2 = park value, 3 = have fun!, 4 = competition,  5 = ten different coasters with excitement at least 6.00, 6 = maintain park rating & #peeps, 7 = monthly ride income, 8 = ten different coasters with excitement at least 7.00 and minimum length as specified, 9 = complete five coasters with minimum excitement as specified, A = Repay loan and park value, B = monthly profit from food, drink and merchandise
271D41: number of years to reach goal (10 for competitions)
271D42,3: ?
271D44..7: money (park value/ride income/sales) goal / coaster excitement goal (only for goal type 9)
271D48,9: #peeps goal / minimum coaster length (meters)

27247C,D: map size

272E52..272E91: Scenario name (null term string)

272E92..272F91: Scenario details (null term string)

272F92: interest rate?

272FB4..27308F: Scenario File name (null term string)

27BADC..27C53B: 83 strings (null term 32 bytes each)

27C540..2A22DF: 255 Ride Structures. Each Structure is 608 (0x260) bytes long.

2E439C..2E8377: 61 Message strings. 268 bytes each. Same structure as in RCT1

Please tell me any additional information you may have about this file structure.

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