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Patrol Area Map

1F06AA..1F42A9 is the Patrol Area Map.

In the game, the park staff can be made to work in specified patrol areas. Each individual Patrol Area “blueprint” segment that can be laid down is an area of 4 by 4 tiles. Given that the map is stored as 128 by 128 tiles, the patrol area for each staff member is a maximum of 32 by 32 blueprint segments. For each member of staff, 128 bytes in this memory area are allocated to flag whether or not each of the 32 by 32 segments is in that staff member’s patrol area. Each bit in the 128 bytes represents one of the segments, with 32 bits representing one row of blueprint segments, and 32 columns of 32 bits.. The memory is allocated whether or not the staff member is given a patrol area. There are 120 sets of 128 bytes. The last 4 sets are used to store the combined patrol areas for each of the staff types. Here, a bit is set if one or more staff member has the segment in his patrol area. The first set of 128 bytes (at address 1F40AA) is the patrol area for all the handymen, the second for all engineers, the third for all security and the last for all entertainers. (Note that this structure places a limitation on the game. It is impossible to employ more than 116 park staff!) Following this (from address 1F42AA), there are 116 bytes used as flags to indicate which of the 116 sets of 128 bytes are in use. For each byte: Bit 0 is set if there is a member of staff associated with the set of 128 bytes Bit 1 is set if the member of staff has been assigned a Patrol Area.