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Data Logging Area

1CAE44..1F06A3 is the Data Logging Area.

There are eight structures; each structure is 19,212 bytes. Each structure starts with a header to specify which ride is being logged. The header is followed by four graph sections. Each section can hold 4800 bytes (5 min *60 sec/min * 16 bytes/sec).

0000: index of ride being logged.
0001: log mode
   x00 - not logging.
   x01 - logging in progress
   x11 - logging completed (vehicle 1 in station)
   0xx - log only vel and alt
   1xx - log all (vel, alt, vert g's and lat g's)

0002-0005: game time counter (addr 000004 from SV4 data) to indicate when the graphs were last viewed.
0006-0007: Actual length of each graph section being displayed
0008-000B: Current byte of graph section being displayed
000C-12CB: data for Vertical G's
12CC-258B: data for Lateral G's
258C-384B: data for Velocity
384C-4B0B: data for Altitude