Items marked with a | are for tower rides.
Other notes are in parentheses for each mode

00 Normal Mode
01 Continuous Circuit Mode
02 Reverse-Incline Launched Shuttle Mode
03 Powered Launch Mode
04 Shuttle Mode (for normal or suspended monorail, requires powered vehicles)
05 Boat Hire Mode
06 Upward Launch Mode |
07 Rotating Lift Mode |
08 Station to Station Mode (for chairlift - requires 2 end stations)
09 Single ride per admission (for spiral slide)
0A Unlimited rides per admission (for spiral slide)
0B Maze Mode (for mazes only)
0C Race Mode
0D Bumper-Car Mode
0E Swing Mode (for pirate ships)
0F Shop/Stall Mode
10 Rotation Mode (for carousel)
11 Forward Rotation (for ferris wheel)
12 Backward Rotation (for ferris wheel) 
13 Film: "Avenging Aviators"
14 3D Film: "Mouse Tails"
15 Space Rings Mode
16 Beginners Mode (for gravitron)
17 LIM-Powered Launch Mode
18 Film: "Thrill Riders"
19 3D Film: "Storm Chasers"
1A 3D Film: "Space Raiders"
1B Intense Mode (for gravitron)
1C Berserk Mode (for gravitron)
1D Haunted House Mode
1E Circus Show Mode
1F Downward Launch Mode |
20 Crooked House Mode
21 Freefall Drop Mode |
22 (RCT2) Continuous Circuit Block Sectioned Mode
23 (RCT2) Powered Launch Mode
24 (RCT2) Powered Launch - Block Sectioned Mode